21 Dec

Today is the shortest day of the year.  Unfortunately, that’s only in terms of sunlight.  I decided to do some fun mathematics and discovered that if 7.5 hours is an average work day, and 12 hours is the average amount of daylight – then on a day with only 5.5 hours of lights, I should really only be working 3.4 hours.  Despite the inevitable challenges when applying this equation in June, I decided to take the afternoon off and shorten my day in more than just natural light.

Here is my solstice…


7ish - it's coffee o'clock


8ish - riding Wednesday to work


9ish - trying to fit a full day's work in half a day


10ish - getting a coffee as the sun rises


11ish - the glass roof at work lets in the little sun we have


12ish - heading home for the afternoon


1ish - the hill behind our house will keep away the sun beams for a couple more weeks


2ish - having a nap with baby Owen while Mom and Dad go for a birthday bike ride


3ish - the sun is starting it's descent


4ish - starting the ski right after sunset


5ish - by the time we're done the ski lights are on


6ish - I shower while Starbuck watches for Santa Claws


7ish - it's wine o'clock