A Vacation before you Vacation

14 Jan

Airport accommodations usually means trying to find arm-restless seats, or a quiet corner to sleep away a 10 hour layover.  But, sleeping at the airport doesn’t have to be horrific – in fact in can be a terrific place to enjoy your first night of a long trip, especially if your flying through Vancouver.  The Vancouver Airport Fairmont is simply my favorite hotel in the world.

To start, the rooms at the Fairmont are beautiful.  The beds have nice white sheets, and a feather duvet.  But, it’s the bathroom I love most.  In addition to a stand up shower, there’s a big bathtub with a window-like opening that lets you watch trash tv, surrounded by a force field of bubbles.



Staying at the airport has plenty of advantages.  First off there’s a plethora of food to choose from at every hour of the day/night.  Whether you want to hit up Flying Wedge pizza, Starbucks for a 5:30 am latte, or some Toshi Sushi, it’s all just a couple hundred feet away.  No need to put on a raincoat – or even change out of your pajama bottoms.



If you are looking for something a little more delicious, the Fairmont’s restaurant features drinks and dinners that rival any downtown eatery I’ve been to.  Carly and I particularly loved their honey, and pear puree cocktail.  If it weren’t for the prohibitively high price ($12/drink), I may not have been able to stop drinking them.  The food’s ridiculous – I had a signature salad full of crab, ahi tuna, and shrimp.  Easily beating the nacho cheese as the best meal of my trip.



Another nice thing about staying at the airport, is that it greatly extends sleep-in time.  Gone is the time budgeted for taxis, and buses.  Instead you can wake up 2 minutes before check-in time.  Roll yourself and your suitcase to the counter – get your bags tagged and head back to the room for a short nap and a shower.  This is priceless,  especially when check-in time is 5 am.

You’re probably wondering how I showered without the luxury of bags.  That’s the final fabulous thing about the airport.  Once you’ve cleared security, there’s a world of make-up, face cream, and more waiting to be applied.  By the time you hit your gate, you’re smelling like a Vogue magazine, and looking a bit like Dolly Parton.



So next time your dreading an overnight layover at YVR, book a night and enjoy plane watching from the comfort of a bubble bath.