Bad Day?

25 Mar

Riding the Lake

After the grey sky ride on Wednesday, both Thursday and Friday were bluebird beautiful.  Inspired by the bright sun, we decided to go on a birthday bike ride for Paula on Saturday.  Because Environment Canada was promising a clear, sunny day, we planned to explore the Jackson/Fish Lake area – one of the prettiest spots near Whitehorse.   A spring sun, reflecting off a frozen lake, can mean jacket free riding; and maybe even a suntan.

Peaking outside at 9:00 am on Saturday morning, it became clear, Environment Canada had lied.  The blue sky was grey.  The sun was hidden behind layers of cloud.  The thermometer was suggesting a jackets mandatory day.  It’s not entirely known whether the grey sky was causing foul moods; or the foul moods had clouded up the sky; but needless to say, the group of girls weren’t in the same bright spirits as the night before.  I don’t want to name names, but Jenn was particularly grumpy.  The only group unfazed by the change in weather was our pack of canine companions, who couldn’t care less about the sky – too much pee to smell and squirrels to chase.

We started out on Haeckel Hill.  The ride out to Fish Lake was fairly quiet.  A strong headwind had us riding in a mini-fat tired peleton, which isn’t that conducive to conversation.

Old School Snow Bike

The funny thing about grey skies is that they ruin any beautiful landscape pictures, but highlight things you’ve never noticed before.  When you aren’t looking up at vistas and big skies, things closer to the ground grab your attention.  We traveled through little cabin communities full of buried cars, Yukon decor and lots of artifacts (aka rusty things).

The bright green Yukon Energy sign:

Some new real estate for Starbuck (he’s looking at getting out on his own, and figures a trailer could be the perfect first home):

Looking for new real estate

At Fish Lake, we pulled over for a birthday fire and lunchtime snack.  By this time, we’d accepted that the weather was not going to change.  Pulling down trees, and embracing our inner warrior women was highly amusing; and the 6 packs of Peanut Butter Cups probably helped too.


From our shelter on the lake, we took pictures of passing sled teams, while they took pictures of crazy female bikers.  It wasn’t totally clear who was the more interesting group.



Further improving life was a strong tailwind and a net elevation drop on the way back.  I guess we don’t control the skies with our moods, because at the end we had smiles, but no sun.   Our “bad day” turned out pretty fun, even for Crankasaurus Jenn.

Open Water