Good Night and Good Luck

3 Oct

It’s been a busy couple weeks, and while blog posts have bubbled up in my brain, a lack of functional computer makes them difficult to get in type.  About three weeks ago, Starbuck sat on my computer screen, and it turns out that screens are an essential part of the computer equation.  This has been frustrating, and normally I’d begrudge the puppy, but Starbuck has suffered his own disaster this week;

An allergic reaction to unknown substances has made given my precious a balloon face.  Although it’s recovering now, thanks to Benadryl, I have been distracted with trying to spoil the dog in his time of crisis.  This is partially precipitated by the fact that I am leaving my doggy in his time of need.  In 20 minutes, I jump in the car for a 10 day adventure in the States.

October is the perfect time to head out of town.   With the weather getting colder, and the sun setting faster, it’s getting harder to get outside.  The spectacular fall colors have been largely replaced with nothingness.  Trees are bare, flowers are dead, and many of the higher trails are coated in snow.

In addition to any limitations put in place by environment, the truth is that I’m also getting a little bored.  I’ve ridden the Whitehorse trails so much that I’m losing a bit of excitement.  To try and reignite the spark, I’ve been trying night riding. a clever way of disguising a old trail in new clothes.


But now it’s time to go out and explore.  I can’t wait for big sun, flip flops, chicken fried steak and red rocks.  And so I bid adieu to the Mr., the dog, and the beautiful North.  See you soon!