Green Eyes

8 Apr

Fat Bikes in the Sun

Spring in the Yukon is a time for jealousy.  While temperatures rise South of 60, the Yukon stays cold and covered in snow.  Thanks to the wonders of social media, there’s a constant reminder that mountain bike trails are opening up.  Photos of dirt start popping up, just in time for snow bike trails to degrade into slush.  I find myself refreshing the Aeroplan page, hoping that a flight will open up and I’ll be somewhere else, where Spring means green – not brown.

But then suddenly there’s Yukon Spring magic.   As of March 21st, we’ve pulled ahead in the light race and even though we can’t seem to catch up in temperature, the big sky is bright and full of delicious Vitamin D.  Easter weekend is the perfect time to celebrate snowy spring on a Yukon lake.

What we lack in grass we make up for in snow and ice.

Crossing the Lake

What we are missing in joules, we make up for in lumens.

Niki in the sun

Our decks and patios aren’t open, but that can’t stop us from enjoying beer and smokies.


Jealous anyone?