How to Dress for Winter Biking 0 to -10 C (32 to 14F)

2 Apr

Spring has sprung, so it’s time for the last of the dressing for winter biking series (Part I was coldest, Part II was colder) .  These days, it’s more about not getting too hot, then trying to stay cool.

Layer 1

Time to wash your stinky long-johns, because who needs a bottom layer when it’s this nice out!

Layer 2

Bike-wife found this little gem – custom made wool jerseys with our girl’s only fat-bike club’s name: Fat Tire Ballerinas.  I have had a few wool jerseys, but this one has held up better than all the other brand names, has a great zip pocket in the  back and is thick enough for a fairly chilly day.

Pear Izumi tights once again – it’s a good think I have four pairs of these things.  What they lack in style, they make up for in comfort.

Layer 3

At this weather, I just bring an extra thin windproof jacket to slip on during the long descents.  Other than that – my thick wool jersey, is enough for me.

Boots-  Time to put away the winter boots and slip on the rain boots.  Usually if it’s this warm, there’s plenty of snow – some of which is rather slushy.  No matter how warm the weather, snow in your boots is always cold.  Tall rain boots keep you dry without making your feet all sweaty.  I use Baffin boots, but I secretly covet the more Alaskan Xtra Tuffs.


Gloves – I love Roeckl gloves, the only problem is that you can only get them in Europe.  This hasn’t actually stopped me from buying them.   In fact, if you’re going to order something from overseas, it only makes sense to stock up – so I have a *few* pairs.  These gloves are more comfortable and warmer than any other thing I’ve tried.  Their cold weather gloves keep me going up to -20 C.