I Wanna See Your Peacocks

17 Sep

Panorama of Bennett

I had been avoiding my summer illness with great success, until in a moment of weakness I finally allowed it to catch me.  On Saturday morning I woke up with a throbbing throat, and a bad headache.

Thankfully it is mid-fall – which is the ideal time to realize you have done exactly none of the “summer fix-ups” that were mandatory pre-winter activities.  The fence is still being tethered together by 2 pieces of rope, held up by a bike rack, with a 73% chance of keeping Starbuck from escaping.   There is also 20 bags of recycling that need sorting and a kitchen wall’s worth of drywall to go to the dump.

The other great thing about fall is that it gives you a preview of winter light – in other word it’s the time you get to realize that 97% of your lightbulbs are burnt out.

Sick days are perfect “work days” and armed with sweatpants and tea, the Mr. and I got most of the must dos done; which made Sunday all the better.

When I got up on Sunday morning with limited throat irritation, I gleefully surmised that my diet of echinicae and vitamin C scared away the black lung.  With this conviction, I called bike-wife and we arranged a Carcross date.

Originally, we had planned a shuttle day, but half our crew bailed, and it’s hard to shuttle with only 2 people.  So, we took advantage of the company and planned  a different sort of day.  Instead of up and down fun, we picked a bit of an adventure – a longer ride up the gravel road, with big view payoffs.  It was the perfect ride for bike-wife, who is always keen on a good picture or 12.

We were not disappointed – the climb up the hill turned out to be just enough time for the grey clouds to clear way for a bright blue sky.

It's so Pretty

Fall Colors on the Bridge

Mossy Green

And we did it all in typical classy fashion – in our matching Shredly Peacock Shorts. The only thing as bright as the landscape.

I wanna see your peacocks


In a rather unsurprising turn of events, it tuns out that the black lung wasn’t actually gone.  In fact, it took advantage of a desperation for another play-date and attacked with full force on Monday.  As long as it leaves for the weekend, I might be able to manage to rest.  It’s a shame that the weather is looking so good.