Solution for Cold Feet

4 Feb


Cold feet are awful things.  When your feet get really cold, they actually begin to feel like they are hardening – like the blood is thickening into slush.   Even though moving your toes may be the only way to warm them up – the colder you are the harder they are to move.  As far as I’m concerned toes are quitters – they get cold and they’re happy to surrender to frostbite and get a quick ticket out of footville.

In my dressing for cold weather article I thought about getting a pair of Bunny Boots.  But, I found a cheaper, easier solution, the Intuition Boot Liner.  The liner can replace any other regular boot liner in a Sorel, Acton or Baffin boot.  There’s also a couple people around town that are using them inside Neos or Mukluks.   I can fit them in both my bigger black Sorels or my fun and fashionable Joan of the Arctics.  In both cases, they increase the temperature threshold by at least 10 C.  They are also comfortable, light and make me feel like I’m walking on foam (in a good way).

The bestest part is that they are at the local bike shop Icycle Sports for $25!!!  They only have sizes 5, 6,7, 8 (men’s) left, which is perfect for the ladies.   Famed Antarctic explorer Devon is the guy who originally brought them in – and you know if they work for someone who’s traveled Antarctica by foot and Greenland by kite, they’ll be perfect for the less extreme adventurers.