February 05, 2002
Five Days and Counting

So here it is kids - your kava connection - here to keep you up to date on the wonders of the South Pacific. As of right now my house is a complete disaster...most items have found refuge in various boxes, but there is an amazing amount of crap still lieing around (insert gasps of surprise...Sierra disorganized/messy, no way). I have three more days of work, three more days of hard core partying and three more days to remove the buildup of gunk settled across my house. While I readily admit that leaving for Fiji is causing slight anxiety... all in all I'm feeling pretty good. The hardest is going to be sqying good-bye to all those amazing poeple who have blessed me with their presence on my pool team. It's Brendan, Ray and Felix whom I will miss most dearly and although I promise to try my hardest to keep in touch with them, I know that I have to leave them behind and concentrate on making Sierra happy. Not much else to say right now, but I should establish a few quick rules. I will try to post stuff as soon as much as I can and I hope you guys will do the same with your comments. HOWEVER, all comment privileges will be revoked if mean, humiliating or completely inappropriate things are written. Please remember my mother may read this stuff. I can erase your comments...so don't test me. Benn, Ben, Steve, Tom this is basically directed towards you guys...any mention of my choice cut of meat will result in death!

Posted by Sierra at February 05, 2002 08:14 PM

Wow, what a great site.

I sure hope you're quite specially nice to the wonderful person who went to all the trouble of setting it up for you.

Orange, Red, and Yellow? Hmm....

Posted by: Dr. Gonzo on February 6, 2002 02:52 PM

i love sierra

Posted by: erik on February 6, 2002 11:29 PM

Nice website jackass. You are so toast this weekend! By the time sunday night rolls around you are definately going to need the little white bag in the airplane seat pocket. It's gonna be a riot....and then a REALLY LONG FLIGHT!
see ya friday boozer

princess TikiTiki

Posted by: Princess TikiTiki on February 6, 2002 11:52 PM

Keep away from Princess Tiki Tiki

I took a 12 hour bus ride from Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido and it was a living nightmare. Actually it made the next week very economical as I couldn't eat for the next three days. However, you need to register for school, keep from being fleeced, orient yourself in a new culture, adjust to the heat and water, go through initial stages of COKE withdrawal, and find yourself lodging. Be alert - be strong - and avoid dehydration!

Do NOT get on a pacific flight with a hangover.

Posted by: Your mother on February 8, 2002 05:27 PM

Well, this is it.

Sierra went out with a bang, and will be missed dearly... hopefully she will bring as much joy to those jolly ol' Fijians as she did us.
Safe travels,

Posted by: e on February 10, 2002 01:42 AM

Sometimes, even the best of us retire, we have to put our careers behind us and move on.

Posted by: Bryant Reeves on February 10, 2002 11:48 AM

Hey sista!!!!!!!!

Do u know who is this???? HEE Hee this is Po0h........ Ch@ jk this is ur favor sista.........R@cHeL........aS RiChElLe just call me R@cHeL!!!

How r u so far???? I ReAlLy miss ya...... I hear.... Karen told me that u r goin' 2 FiJi!!! w0w!!! U r s0o0o0o0o0o0o lucky 2 go!!! Hee giggle!!! An-way i DuUn0 2 say ya ummmmm i guess that's it! hey gurl........ take care urself in Fiji.......enjoy there!!! *smack* on ur cheek *gIgGlE* LUV YA SISTA!!!! *smile*

SERRIA #1 r0CkS!!!!!


Posted by: Po0h*gIgGlE* on February 10, 2002 06:16 PM

If you are forced against your will to share a bedroom with someone, don't snore so loud! Or was that your cat...? Don't make friends with anyone named Victor

Posted by: Letitia on February 10, 2002 06:17 PM
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