February 08, 2002
Coke...why do you hurt me so?

The house is packed, the car is gone and Sierra is just about ready to board the wings of terror and hit the open sky. With cash in hand, travellers cheques in my wallet, a 5500$ credit on my Mastercard and really kind parents everything seems good to go. I still have 2-3 days of work left, 2 nights of partying and a night of cute Hildon boys, but all in all feel quite prepared. The only thing really stopping me will be if Coke manages to beat me and completely irradicate my stomach lining before Sunday (pls. note picture). The threat of no coke/bad coke in Fiji is enough to motivate me to work through the pain and cherish my last few days with my best friend C.C. Against all better judgement I brought my nice camera (yes its breakage/stealage is inevitable, but I'm sure there will be some great Kodak moments that need to be captured). I'm currently headed to the clinic to get the last shots and some precautionary medication. I've put a whole bunch of you guys on my notification list so that when I post a new entry you guys get an e-mail. If this is aggravating for you please just let me know and I will kindly remove you. This will probably be the last Canadian entry, so aurevoir...I will try my hardest to come back with lots and lots of camping stories (sorry in advance Erin), some tales of fresh fish and a Fijian husband (alright maybe not the last one...a Fiji jr. should be sufficient). I've taken all of your advice to heart (especially yours Kailyn regarding lovin' on the beach aka where sand doesn't belong) and appreciate any more suggestions by all you well seasoned travellers (yes I do mean you Lana). By the way Happy Birthday to Carly and Steve, wish I could be celebrating with you...and possibly starting mad gossip (although I'm sure you'd forget all about it in your drunkeness). I will try to call all of you at some point during my vacation, but refuse to make any promises. Paul, I promise I'll wait at least a week before getting totally naked (don't want to scare the natives). Benn and Ben I'm waiting for your addresses, I'll send you postcards of naked women if you hurry up and get them to me.

Posted by Sierra at February 08, 2002 12:14 PM


Hard to write a serious comment on an orange background.....

We haven't discussed personal - live communication and of course we want to hear from you now and then (Not that MY mother or dad ever did when I was travelling...) Sunday nights are still the best time to phone collect.

I could say that I hope your flight went without any problems...but that wouldn't be much fun. To become a real seasoned traveller you need missed connections, lost baggage, overnight airport stays, etc...

Don't worry - everything works out in the long run and the biggest hassles are later the best stories.

Later - mom

ps. did you mail this site to grandpa? I'll send it to him.

Posted by: Mom on February 8, 2002 04:48 PM
Posted by: Mom on February 8, 2002 04:49 PM

I think I need some technical help here. Keith? are you out there?


Posted by: Karen on February 8, 2002 04:50 PM
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