February 10, 2002
Lenin, Stalin, Brejnev...it's all the same to me

So I lied, I said that the last entry was my last Canuck investment, but I am adding a final instalment. Tonight I had possibly the best night of my life in this city. We started off with a long day working with the weevils (as a note 30 of them died causing me serious angst as I had to return to the fridge several times to collect more horrible screeching insects) and then returned home to meet with the Princesses Tiki Tiki, Easy Easy, and Freaky Freaky for an all around rowdy night. Alas, I must take a step back and explain the night before...Friday, we took a trek up the hill to see the end of the basketball game and see Kai's friend's band. Due to some poor planning, Kia and I were forced to hitch up the hill (our final ride involved Kai sitting on some man's lap...but I'll allow her to explain the details). Up at the Highlander we met Toby, Brendan and the boys of Retrograde as well as some good old Edmontonians (mainly Marc, whose presence was very much appreciated). Saturday after work I returned home to La Scala and McGillicudys...after a few short hours of Olympics coverage Kai, Mel, Lauren and I got on the good old transit to go downtown. We learned some vital lessons on the way: a) transit signs should not be mistaken for peeler poles b) mooning/flashing people is only mildly amusing...eventually it just becomes embarassing c) try as you might, no car will stop for four blatantly inebriated girls (so sorry mom...so so sorry) d) Karoake on a bus will not make you any friends...and may result in forced expulsion. We got to the Hildon and proceeded to order some of our favorite beverages. Sierra focused on White Russians, Caucasians, Lebowskis, Stalins, Lenins, Siberians,Bolsheviks and Commies. She also busted a move with her favorite femmes fatales Lauren, Kailyn, Mel, Jodi, Lindsay and Heidi. Apparently 2 roles of film survived the evening, although we don't know if they should ever be made public. Now, it is the wee hours of the morning and excitement/trepidation is preventing any real sleep from occuring. My next message will be from many thousands of miles away, so thank you to all those who made my last night in Vancouver such a blast and kudos do the Edmonton Connection who cannot be outdone in its unending loyalty and reliability. Hopefully this will make its way into Heidi, Jodi and Lindsay's e-mail as I have recently added them... Note to Linds...you freaking rock for being the girl who propositioned random men with me...(don't worry mom it sounds much much worse than it is). Talk to you all in a few days...

Posted by Sierra at February 10, 2002 01:53 AM

Well, waddya know - it was perhaps my best night in this city as well....never mind a successful Birkebeiner ski race, at night we went to the banquet and I quaffed back a glass of red wine, followed by a bottle shared with friend Laura (who also loves to tidy up porta-pottys) and wow good thing I wore my Norski bunad because the table behind me (recognizing me as Norwegian) poured me a glass of amber aquahvit - much better than the clear stuff we were toasting with. No problem sharing it as the other folks at the table declined after smelling it. Went home and retrieved the bottle from under the bed for a little nightcap and passed out. Don't worry Sierra, it's not as bad as it sounds.

Posted by: your mother on February 10, 2002 06:08 PM
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