February 11, 2002
Don't worry the coke tastes fine

Ni Sa Bula-Hello everyone from the loverly city of Suva. I am absolutely exhausted right now so please forgive the inevitable grammar errors. After 14 hours on a plane and very very little sleep I arrived in Fiji this morning. I was amazingly lucky because someone from the University came and picked me up at the airport, so I didn't have to deal with taxis and such. Frankly (that's right I used it), this is just the most beautiful place in the world. The entire landscape is spotted with palm trees and flowers, mountains and of course the ocean. I have a great little room that has 2 walls and 2 gigantic windows (basically it's a box with two solid sides and two screened sides). My window looks out into a valley of trees and contains a ginormous fan which is somewhat aiding in my battle with the heat/humidity. I get fed 3 great meals a day, get my linens changed and get access to 1$ 500 ml coke (the best thing of all). I met up with Erika (the other SFU girl as soon as I got here and we quickly discovered that we are the only two white girls on campus...and 2 of only 5 international students. It is extremely odd being such a minority as people are always staring at us and I've been warned that we are primary targets for thieves. There is a big 6 movie theatre right in town and it has mad air conditioning and movies are only 3$ (they are already playing Ali here, so there isn't much of a gap). The market is great and I have already eaten a lot of watermelon and coconuts. Oh yeah, my luggage is lost, but I'm not all that concerned because it is only 1 of the bags (of course it is the biggest one filled with most of my clothes, but....bah). Hopefully it will be found soon as I will probably want to wear some sort of clothing tomorrow (although in a streak of luck my swimsuit is in the smaller bag that I have with me). NOt much else, except of course that none of you tards e-mailed me...frankly (that's twice) I have to pay 6$ to do this, so I best be getting some letters. What's happening in the Olympics, I get zilch for coverage here? Oh yeah finally my address is:

Sierra van der Meer
University of the South Pacific
Student Mail:
P.O Box 1168
Suva, Fiji

First one to get me a letter wins my ardent admiration and love (what's that from kids). I've already started working on sending stuff off.

Posted by Sierra at February 11, 2002 08:21 PM

Canada's pair skaters performed a flawless, absoltely stunning performance adored by the crowd and commentators, and won a silver medal. Being as I prefer silver to gold - it was an apt conclusion.

Also, surprise win by speed skater so we have two medals.

Posted by: your mother on February 11, 2002 08:55 PM

Your place sounds like a paradise! Hope you recover your snorkling gear and can take a look below the surface soon.

Good packing, daughter...I'm proud of you.

ps - I still don't know where your car is or what your student ID is. Two pieces of info that would be VERY USEFUL><

Posted by: mom on February 11, 2002 08:58 PM

Hey kid!
I tried to email you yesterday! did you get it?? 'cause I' know i'm the bestest friend ever.. no need to remind me!!
It sounds great there, a far cry from the piles of brown snow we've got happening here.
here's my info on the olympics, the Canadian Women's Hockey team won their first team 7-0, however I cannot spell the name of the country they beat and I'm too lazy to look it up... SO.. it's starts with a K and ends with an AND (I think! haha!
Beach on,

Posted by: Lana on February 11, 2002 09:33 PM

word up Princess FigiFigi

Im still feeling the effects of saturday night! What a riot, I miss you bunches already girlfriend! I'll put my stamp to good use soon and write you a letter.
later gator
princess TikiTiki

ps. against all your requests, I posted ALL the pictures from our weekend of rowdiness on the internet, Im sorry I just couldn't resist. Im such a loyal friend (now you mom will know it IS as bad as it sounds...haa hahaha hhaha)

Posted by: Princess TikiTiki on February 11, 2002 11:13 PM

Hey sierra, why'd you censor my last message? Stop being such a communist dictator, no one appreciates it.

"Yo espero que te gusta todo tu tiempo en Fiji", check out those spanish skill,

Anyways, gota go..., don't drink too much kava!

Posted by: tom on February 13, 2002 06:06 PM

Got the car back to Edmonton but the insurance guys won't let me 'adjust' the insurance. It seems that the title of 'Dad' doesn't cut it since the legal contract is with Sierra v. So could you please send an e-mail to kdriediger@melochemonnex.com and let them know you're car is back in Edmonton and that you don't need the out or Province coverage anymore. I think that all you need is liability (and not collision) but you need to spell it all out for them. We had a great weekend of XC skiing in Kananaskis - lots of snow and perfect ski tracks. Stayed one night at the hostel and one night of tenting in the RV park. I'm sure they thought we were nuts when we pulled out the tents. So how's the beach? Working on that tan yet?

Posted by: The boss on February 19, 2002 08:22 AM
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