February 13, 2002
Stardate 123102938 Mission: Find the Luggage

It has been two days since my arrival and my luggage is nowhere to be found. The actual airport is a full 45 minutes away, so I can't go and speak to anyone directly and have been forced to really on several difficult phone calls...all of which have been completely useless. I am going to go with some people to pick up the Cook Islanders at the airport and hopefully I will be able to sort out the whereabouts of my possessions. Because of the lack of luggage I have been forced to buy new clothes in Suva. Erika and I have wandered the streets looking for appropriate outfits to buy. We seem to be everybody's favorite customers when we enter a store, but after it is realized that we probably aren't buying anything, we are reduced to the status of mold. This has not stopped us from trying our best to find things, but the heat is horrendous (at least 30 degrees) which is why we are now in an air conditioned cafe...it is costing us 9$ an hour, but it is worth the coolness. We are actually headed to the handicrafts store to buy a hand fan to help us ward of the heat. I went to register for school today a process that goes well beyond difficult and horrifyingly boring. There is no computer system to register and it must all be done manually in a multi-step procedure. Most students wait 4-6 hours to finish the entire process, I managed to do it in 2.5 by standing in line at 7:30 am this morning. I am taking three classes with three labs...so I don't feel like I'm slacking to much. Right now I'm in Marine Biology, Tropical Plant Ecology and Animal Physiology. I have classes every morning at 8 am (blah) and on Mondays and Fridays I go until 2 pm. The worst part is the marine classes are at a different campus that is a 20 min walk, but I have days where I only have 5 min to get from one to the other. I think my status as an international student may help me in confusing my profs to let me go early/ arrive late. IN a weird coincedence one of the grad students in Biology is from Edmonton, so I am going to try to stalk him and force him to show me around. Anyways, we still have a lot of shopping to do and the stores are closing soon...so I must depart. In a really really funny piece of information I now have a heat rash on my face...that's right kids just imaging how incredibly hot I must be now...I mean I was damn fine before but now a splotchy rashy face...no wonder all the locals want me!


Posted by Sierra at February 13, 2002 07:57 PM

It must feel awesome to know your luggage is gone forever... i mean for a few days. Watch out for the fresh fish farms, 6 dugglers.......

Posted by: StEpHeN on February 14, 2002 04:02 PM

Got your phone message about the lost/stolen Mastercard. I tried the ph# 1-887-876-6262 but it's not right. So phone back and give me both your MC card number and the phone number.

Posted by: dad on February 20, 2002 06:00 PM

Re MC card - I just phoned the Bank of Montreal lost card number (ie from mom's receipt) but of course yours is not Bank of Montreal so got nowhere there. So I tried the MC International line but again no luck because I have sweet tweet to give them ie which bank? what card number? (I did manage to give them your name and even spelled it right) But they did give me the MC Fiji operator ph# 004-890-1001. When and if you get thru to them ask them to put you thru to the MC collect number of 1-636-722-7111. Good luck and I hope you call soon.

Posted by: dad on February 20, 2002 06:25 PM
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