February 18, 2002
Finally...I have clothing

That's right everyone, my luggage arrived intact and complete...THANK YOU GOD!!! I found out on Friday where the luggage was, but didn't get a chance to pick it up until Monday, which worked out fine because I went aways all week-end anyways. On Friday night we attended the dance, then busted a move downtown to a nightclub. We met up with the two Aussie exchange students Malcolm and Rob and decided that the four of us would take a trip to Pacific Harbour this week-end (Pacific Harbour is the closest nice beach area to Suva). So on Saturday morning we packed up our stuff and got on a bus. The ride was only an hour but there were around 50 people stuffed on the bus and it was 35 degrees outside, so I feel it is quite accurate to describe it as "Hell on Wheels". Once arrived we were greeted with beautiful white sand and wonderful blue water. I lathered on the sunscreen and went for a swim in the 20 degree water. After 3 hours on the beach we headed into town to find lunch, it was then that I discovered that my entire body was burnt to an absolute crisp...I mean seriously painful. After a late lunch we went looking for accomadations, but found out...oops the place we were going to stay was under renovations. We found a nice hotel and the 5 of us (Jenny a German exchange student came as well) got a big AIR CONDITIONED room. After going and buying some groceries and taking a swim in the swimming pool we got ready for bed. It was decided that we would play cards to determine who had to sleep where, but in the end we all just collapsed where we were (for all you foul-minded people there were 4 beds and a cot, so there was no snuggling with anyone). On Sunday we returned to the beach (this time I wore a t-shirt and pants...pretty fun eh?). We took out the snorkels and took a look at some amazing coral and some seriously funky fish. I can't even properly describe how these creatures looked because they glowed with a brightness not really seen anywhere else (imagine fish at a nightclub under black lights). Because my underwater camera was in my luggage I couldn't take any pictures, but I'm going again in a few weeks, so I'll be sure to get some. I managed to avoid burning my body on Sunday, but managed to destroy my lips. On Monday morning when I woke up my lips felt super funny and I discovered that I had charred them so badly that I had gotten a fat lip. Now this would have been much more traumatic, but upon looking in the mirror I realized that my newly puffed lip looked damn sexy...collagen may have to be considered in the future. I got seriously mocked for the redness of my body, but am now finally going a nice tan. I have used up all my sunscreen and after-sun lotion and it is surprisingly difficult to find here. IN fact that is my mission of the day, I'll let you know how it works out. Anyways Malcolm has a digital camera and laptop with him, so I will post some pictures as soon as I get them from him. For now this
is all I have...the sun is doing wonders for me.


Posted by Sierra at February 18, 2002 08:52 PM

Yoohoo! Firsties!!!

Anyways, it's good to know that you have clothes. It's even better to know that you are making friends with foreign students (this way you can bring them home for us boys!!).

Posted by: Tom on February 19, 2002 08:20 AM
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