February 24, 2002
I'm going to be an army wife

Well it is has been quite a while since my last update, so please forgive the length of this one. First of all my e-mail is not working so please send all new e-mail to... slvander@sfu.ca. If you have e-mailed me anything in the last 5 days I haven't got it...if you haven't e-mailed me in the last 5 days now's your opportunity to lie and say you have thus winning my undying love. I went out on Wednesday night to the Alliance Francaise, which is a little french community that shows movies every second week. A film called "Chocolat" (Not the one with Johnny Depp, but an older French movie" was screened, and it was quite delightful. After the movie we headed downtown to the bar to watch a band play. After sitting around for a few hours we jumped back in a cab and headed home. Upon arriving at my dorm I reached into my bag to find my key/wallet and lo and behold...it was gone. My key, my USP id, my wallet, my mastercard and my ISIC ID all vanished...yes I know you are all shocked that I could lose all my belongings, but I really don't think this one was my fault. So there I was at my dorm room at 1:30 am with absolutely no way of getting in... I went and got Erika out of her room and we marched up the street to Malcolm's flat. After banging on his door, without response, we headed downstairs to the American's flat to look for somewhere to stay. After borrowing the phone and making some calls, we ventured back upstairs and managed to wake Malcolm up and claim the extra bed in his room. The next morning after making a stealthy escape pre-8:00 am I went on a mission to find my belongings...it was futile. The next day my USP ID was returned, which gives me even less hope for the rest of it, because it means someone went into the wallet to get the USP ID and then chose to only return that. My Mastercard has been cancelled, but it was my main source of money, so I'm hoping my 200$ will get me through the next month until I can get another card. So that was my wonderful week...the week-end was much more exciting! Friday night we headed downtown to the bar and boogied on the dance floor from 9-2. We decided to go from bar to bar and at the last one we ran into a group of Cook Islanders from the school. I've decided that my next trip will be to the Cooks because these guys were the funniest people I have ever had the pleasure of partying with. After the bar closed they sat there singing at the top of their lungs for a full hour...including serenading us with a wonderful version of "Blame Canada", before being forcibly removed. Saturday morning Erika and I woke up bright and early and hopped on a bus to the interior. We drove for around one and a half hours up gravel/muddy roads through multiple villages on our way to a small community called Nautivuolo. It was great, each little house we passed had little childrens' faces pressed against the windows...a wave from us garnered an explosion of giggles and a quick wave back. We got up to the village, had a welcoming ceremony complete with Kava and spoke to a few of the villagers. It was amusing because Erika and I were the only ones under 35, so the news of our arrival spread quickly amongst the younger men in the village...We then got on Bili-Bilis, which are these 15 foot long bamboo rafts. They are shaped like a really long triangle, with a throne like chair towards the rear of the boat. There is one raft per person and each raft has a driver in front and a driver in the back, they use long bamboo sticks to guide the raft down the river. Erika and I were the first to be approached and asked if we would like to sit in certain people's rafts... My driver, as a later found out, was a soldier who had recently returned to his village. He asked if I'd like to marry him, but I politely declined deciding that perhaps a few more meetings were necessary before making a life-time commitment. The trip down the river was absolutely indescribable, we were going down a gorge between to huge mountains blanketed with trees. Waterfalls were falling on our heads, giant trees were leaning overtop of the river...it was definetely the most paradise-like adventure to date...and it has convinced me that I need to start a Journal to write about everything I see. We had some tea with the ladies after our adventure was over and then headed back on the bus towards Suva. After getting home and showering it was time for a quick dinner then back downtown. It has been raining here and I was thinking it was fairly cold, so I put on a sweater...it was only after checking the thermometer I realized it was still 25 degrees. I'm thinking that I've definetely acclimitized to the heat! Just another reminder to PLEASE e-mail me at slvander@sfu.ca as my other account is out of commission. I'm feeling rather rejected as I've only gotten 1 e-mail since Tuesday, so if you want to make me feel better...it won't be hard. Erika and I are now on our way to the American Embassy to hopefully watch the hockey game...

Posted by Sierra at February 24, 2002 01:11 PM

Canada whooped those yank's asses today!

Is that sunburn peeling yet?


Posted by: Sauerkraut on February 24, 2002 02:33 PM

Sierrrra! Save some of them army men for me! Do some fancy undercover work and tell me what sort of gay life they have down there. Any trannies in your building? Just kidding.. (And again, no, I don't think you'd make a good man!)
I'm at Erik's place right now. I'm leaving for China in three weeks(!!), will be teaching English there for at least a year, probably a few. Meet me in Beijing, baby!
Anyhow, Erik wants to take over now. Expect more posts from me soon.
PS. Does it really cost $9/hr for internet?? Yikes..

Posted by: John on February 24, 2002 02:44 PM
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