February 27, 2002
Is blood a fluid?

First of all a few questions...
A) Is my web page no longer orange or is it just the computer I'm at?
B) What are the Oscar nominees this year?

Alright now that that's out of the way I would like to rant about the horrible day that I have had. My classes started at 8 o'clock this morning (and I thought 8:30 was aggravating), but my Marine course is at a different campus so I have to walk for around 30 minutes to get there. You would think that at such an early hour in the day it would be a reasonable temperature, but no it was 33 degrees out and humid as hell. After attending my Marine class, in which I learned such interesting things as: global warming causes temperature to rise and hot water is less dense than cold water...I had to bust a move back to upper campus and my lab. After walking into the lab class a few minutes late I had to sit through an hour long lecture about how blood was both fluid and red (WOW!!! Who knew???). Then I was absolutely shocked to discover that blood actually transports things through out the body...NO WAY!!! Then I had to sit for 3 hours and count blood cells...fascinating! Who is never ever going back to that class...ME!!! This class is all stuff that I learned way back when in J.H Picard, so all it means is more travelling and less attending class...I guess that might be kind of cool. Other than that things are going quite well...although washing my clothing has been quite the experience. There are no laundromats here, you either wash the clothes by hand or give them to the cleaning ladies. I have been washing them by hand and hanging them, but because it rains everyday they seldom manage to completely dry. It is hilarious to watch because the rain comes very suddenly and you will be sittting in your room and the moment the first drop hits the roof everyone sprints out to grab all their belongings off the line. I, on the other hand, figure they will dry eventually so I just leave them out to get soaked, hoping that by the next day they will have reached relative dryness (this has resulted in the past with my clothes being hung for 5 days). I've also been buying a lot of clothes in Suva as they are relatively cheap and I don't really have much. There are tons of board shorts, hawaiian shirts/shorts, and sarongs so if there are any requests for back home I would be happy to oblige. I now have more frequent access to my e-mail and so forth...hence my exorbinant trading in the Hockey Pool...so please send me lots of stuff. Any good gossip from Edmonton...I'm desperate for interesting news...As a final note (and this is mainly directed to my wonderful sisters) my first essay is about how McDonald's is destroying rainforest and searching on the web here is exhausting, so if you know of any good sources e-mail them to me (remember to send them to slvander@sfu.ca) Hope everyone is having a marvelous time and staying out of trouble!

Posted by Sierra at February 27, 2002 12:49 AM

Hey Sierra!
Yeah, it's still orange, at least from where I am. As for Oscar nominees, good question! Anyone want to fill both of us in? Not such a big thing here in Scotland either. Enjoy the lax classes, it's the same for me! Definitely makes travelling, and of course partying, far easier. (hahahah to everyone back home!) Just kidding... Take care and have fun.

Posted by: Christina on February 27, 2002 04:47 AM

Last recourse is to post a comment as have tried all am to send you emails at your new and old addresses. All bounce back.

Phone monnex betw. 8-4 pm AB time collect at 780-429-1112 re ins. Your policy is 11831344.

Phone home between 7 - 10 am or 5 - 7 pm Fri or Sat.

Posted by: parents on February 28, 2002 09:04 AM

glad to see that you managed to survive the fijian fever :) So, the nominations that I can remember; and by the way, i'm really sad that we won't be able to watch the awards together over dinner this year :( Anyways, best picture...A beautiful Mind, Moulin Rouge, Lord of the Rings, In the Bedroom and Gosford Park(I think). Best Actor/tress Nicole Kidman, Sissy Spacek, Russel Crow, Gandolf (forgot the actors name) Best supportin actor/tress Ed Harris, the wife from A beautiful mind, Marisa Tomeii...searching my brain is revealing no more information. So I hope that these tell you a little bit more than you knew before. I'll keep you posted on who wins and if I can figure out the other nominations :)
take care chicky

Posted by: Heidi on February 28, 2002 03:01 PM

Thanks for the letter Sierra. I've been trying to email you, but all the emails keep coming back to me, so I'll write you a letter and mail it today.

Posted by: Lorey on March 3, 2002 02:33 PM

whoooa there!! who else is named heidi?? anywayz, tomorrow i'll check out the web for mcdonalds stuff, i don't know how old this message is. (you know me, i never know anything that is happening) for example: when i heard someone yelling insults from the stairwell and thought "sierra! wait. . she lives in burnaby" little did i know you were coming home. alrite, i'm in the process of writing you a letter, so prepare to become stuned. your beautiful and wonderful sister (or like Ge says it "SISTA!!") (by the way, i think she LOUDER than you)

Posted by: heidi on March 3, 2002 09:54 PM

Must agree with previous comment. Imagine.

Posted by: other unnamed family member on March 4, 2002 07:34 PM
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