March 04, 2002
The Good, the Bad and the Splotchy

THE GOOD: I have just returned from spending the last three days basking in beach paradise. On Saturday morning Erika, Jenny, Malcol m and I packed up our bags and hopped on a 4 hour bus to the northern=most point of Fiji. From there we grabbed a boat and took off to a small island called Nanui-Ra for the week-end. We stayed in a little beachside cabin and managed to lounge on a fairly isolated beach locale for three whole days. There was a reef only a few meters away from the beach so snorkelling was in full effect (although my mask is warped and will not work properly...bah). Basically spent most of the awake time in the ocean...never realized how easy it was to just float in sea water. All in all pretty fabulous and not terribly expensive which is always a plus.
THE BAD: I am really really sick...and this is not an exagerration in any terms. Ate solid food for the first time in three days (it was just rice...nothing exciting), but have otherwise been living on hot water and honey. Thinking that the doctor will be in order tomorrow as headaches/nausea are becoming too much and I have NO energy due to lack of food. On the up note...this can do nothing but improve my beach figure (just kidding). The quickness of this entry is due in large part to my need for sleep.
THE SPLOTCHY: After my last entry about the laundry I decided to bring some of my dirtier/white clothes to the laundromat. Went to pick them up and all of my white apparel now has giant black and yellow stains all over them. I'm pleased as punch!
I promise I'll write some personal e-mails as soon as I can, but for now the bed is calling and I need to answer. I've written almost everyone who gave me their address so if you want a letter make sure you e-mail me some mailing locale and I'll be sure to get it to you.

Posted by Sierra at March 04, 2002 02:50 AM

the good news is that you can rule out ebola. if it was ebola, your intestines would have liquified and fallen out of your ass already...

Posted by: tom on March 4, 2002 05:19 PM

drink blk tea

Posted by: gpaaaaaaaaa on March 4, 2002 07:30 PM

The bad news is that each and every one of our emails to you is sent back. The good news is that you can expect something when you go to the mail how ever many days or weeks it takes for "traditional" mail to arrive.

Posted by: family on March 4, 2002 07:32 PM

More good news. Your car insurance has been removed.
No more worries for the time being. Relax.

lightly falling flakes of snow
pitter patter pitter patter pit pat
cooling your blazing face.

Nothing is so quiet as falling snow

Posted by: Mom on March 4, 2002 07:46 PM

It's been very quiet here lately is is likely to keep being quiet for some time now.

Posted by: Edmontonian on March 4, 2002 07:48 PM

Yo... I bet you have some really wicked tropical disease that you'll never be able to get rid of. Maybe you'll end up in a biology textbook somewhere, wouldn't that be cool.

Ever considered a career as a research subject? I hear it can be very rewarding, and you don't have to work very hard. :)

Hope you get better soon. Vive de largo la revolucion, camarada!

Posted by: dr. gonzo on March 5, 2002 02:11 PM
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