March 06, 2002
How much do I hate ants...let me count the ways!

I've realized in recent e-mails that my constant stories of misfortune and illness are causing worry in some that I am not enjoying myself. Please do not be fooled, I am having a marvelous time...but would it really be fair for me to relax in this tropical paradise with-out at least some glitches? The sickness is still here and it's been 3 straight days of just rice and water (mmmm...delicious). Anytime this causes me slight annoyance I just close my eyes and think about how beneficial this will be towards my beach week-end. Despite everything that has happenend, the absolute most annoying thing in the entire world are the freaking ants (they beat the weevils by leaps and bounds). They are really teeny-tiny reddish/brown creatures and they are EVERYWHERE! They climb through this little hole at the side of my bed and proliferate through out my room. I try to avoid having ANY food items of ANY kind in my room because they will find them and infest them. Today I accidentaly left a bag of salty crackers in my room...I had sealed them with 6 clothes pins in order to keep away the freaking formicidaes. Sure enough when I returned from my class there is an assembly line of ants strectching at least 2 meters long leading straight to the bag which is ENTIRELY FULL of little disgusting ants. So, I took the bag...brought it to the kitchen and poured boiling water on it...ha ha ha ha (please say preceding laughes in a darkly demonic tone). However the stupid crawlies stayed in my room for the next 2 hours. I CAN'T BEAT THEM...there are simply too many of them and they are completely unstoppable...I am buying the biggest thing of Raid and placing a big apple in the center of my room and waiting for them! They are on the floor, on the desk, on my papers, on my bed, on the windows and in my clothes (in fact I actually sent someone a letter with one squashed in it...tee hee). When I wake up, I open my eyes and they are there with their non-existent tongue sticking out. They are even in my books...which I wouldn't mind so much if I thought they were actually reading my novels and gaining some sort of enlightenment from them, instead of just eating the pages. We have plenty of other bugs here including some huge cockroaches, but I would rather have giant roaches climbing my walls than the aggravating ants! In short...I HATE ANTS! Everything else is going quite well, classes are easy as pie...which means no studying is necessary...and planning for this week-end's beach excursion is already in the process of being completed. I am getting really dark and finally beaten Sun and stopped it from burning me. I may have the first roll of film finished soon, in which case I will try to send some pictures home to be posted up! As a side note: Tim Wood has officially won MVP of the day for warning me about Chechmanek's injury...congratulations to Tim, a Fiji Beer will be drunk in his honor. For all those who are curious yesterday's winner was Sean because he sent me the longest e-mail thus far and made my evening (in Sean's honor I made note of 2 hot girls on campus)

Posted by Sierra at March 06, 2002 02:38 AM

Yo, ants are better than centipedes so count your blessings. Besides that, Formicidae are social insects. With a little work you could probably train them to clean your room in exchange for scraps of food for their queen. I say embrace the ants, they are your friends. All this talk of ants brings back fond memories of Bug class together. hey Terry you got a smoke???? No but I do have wings!
later Figi babe
Princess TT

Posted by: Princess TT on March 6, 2002 01:56 PM

Sounds like you really are Joe's parasitic intestines these days.

Thanks for the ant. Get my letter yet?

Posted by: dr.gonzo on March 7, 2002 01:07 PM
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