March 11, 2002
BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS (please say this while twirling in a circle and jumping up and down)

All my male friends will need to keep reading this entry: I know your care level about the boys that I meet in Fiji is very low...but this has some important lessons for all you men out there. On Friday night Erika, Jenny and I decided to go out to the bar on our first excursion alone...just the three white girls. This proved to be not the smartest of ideas. First stop was Traps, the student night club, we happen to meet up with a group of American boys as soon as we entered the bar. Sadly it was this group that I think has been touring the globe lately and making many nations hate the USA. THe most ignorant obnoxious people on the planet, first words out of the one guys mouth was : You are from Canada, eh? Too bad you couldn't move to the US and learn what it's like to live in a real country. At this point I thought he was just joking around, sadly he was not. The set-up for Traps is interesting in that the men seem to stand along the wall and stare at everyone dancing, once in a while they feel that it is totally appropriate to cop a feel. I'm not sure about how the locals feel about this particular habit, but we were definetly on the not impressed list. In my few weeks here I have learned something important about Fijians...they have absolutely no sense of personal space. We are all perfectly aware of how much of a touchy person that I am, but I am NOTHING compared to the Fijians. Dancing in clubs in Canada does not compare to here where grinding is not only the preferred method of dancing, it is also extended much further than the "dirty dancing" of back home. Because of this dancing with anyone is avoided at all costs (which subsequently leads to the comments "white bitch" and "white snob"). We decided after a while to head to a different club. Here we encountered much of the same unwarrented and unwanted attention from random dudes who felt that they should dance with us. That night has helped me come up with the following helpful pointers for all you men out there...
Top 5 Things You Can Do To Irritate Women:
5: Talk about them in a different language as they pass acting as though they will have no idea what you are saying...contrary to popular belief pointing and elbowing your buddies is universally understood.
4.Clucking, psssting (this is a Fiji favorite) or whistling at females are not farm animals they don't respond to aggravating noises.
3. Saying cheap retarded compliments to them...oh really you think I'm pretty, okay I guess I'll sleep with you.
2. Coping a by grabbing my ass I suddenly feel an instant unbelievable attraction towards you.
1. Yelling things out from your car at them...even if you shouting stuff made me want you, you are moving at 60 km/hr what am I supposed to chase the car to indicate interest?

Anyways so the chances of me coming home married are zilch because I have renewed dislike of the male gender.
We went away this week-end...again...this time to the "nicest beach in fiji" called Natadola
beach (the picture is honestly right where we were). It is a 3 hour bus ride away followed by a 15 minute taxi. The bus costs 8$...the taxi 15$ (only because we were white and he totally cheated us). It was a beautiful day out and the beach was white sand and great blue/green water. Nice and hot (27 or more) and of course the moment our beach towels hit the started to rain. Erika and I refused to vacate the beach and continued to lie on our towels just like we might if we were suntanning...we got quite wet, but didn't let the rain beat us. During a quick 1 hour sunny break (that's all we got all day) a local came around (this is regular practice at the beach) and we bought a green coconut off him (they are for drinking) and chatted with him for a while. The rain returned and he took off, we waited for the daily bus back to the highway and decided to get a hotel 20 min. down the road in Korotoga. The strip in Korotoga is filled with about 6 different hotels of various prices, most of which offer a dorm rate of 15$. WE decided to stay in the first one we hit, mainly because friends had warned us that the other rooms had no electricity or place to eat. It is low time in the tourist season so most dorm rooms are completely empty, so it ends up being 30$ for an entire room (between Erika and I). This was the case here and we actually got a nifty little mini-house that overlooked the pool and had a great view of the ocean. As we checked in we asked the woman if there was anyone at the resort...she told us not really, which was fine by us. As we walked towards our dorm we passed the pool, first thing I noticed was the vast number of cleats that were sitting poolside, just as I made this remark to Erika we turned the corner and BOOOYAH there in the pool was a men's football (soccer) team. Probably 20 guys under 25 all of which thought that the 2 white girls walking up to their dorms was pretty great. Needless to say there was some cowering in the room for a while, luckily the team left quite quickly which left us the entire pool to ourselves and access to the shower (which was located on the outside of the building). The Sunday was great, the sun stayed out all day and we just lounged about reading and swimming. I have some great tan lines
from the week-end. It wasn't the greatest of swimming areas due to some rather large waves...Erika enjoys having vast amounts of salt water projected into her nasal cavity, I personally prefer not eating dirty saline solution. There was, however some shallow area kept calm by the reefs that we could float about contently. We managed to hitch a ride back in a great air conditioned van with a man and his little girl (okay to all those who just read this and freaked out about me hitch hiking here it isn't quite the same...there are vans that basically act as long-distance cabs and all they do is pick up people, you still pay them bus fare it is just more convenient...I am being careful, don't worry!) We were the only 2 passengers in the ginormous van which meant tons of leg room and it only took 1/2 the time that the bus takes (mind you this was because he drove like a maniac). Now it is Monday and back to the grind...I am waiting in great desperation for my Mastercard to arrive in the mail, as well as any other piece of mail from back home (that was just added to make you all feel bad). As I final note I found the GREATEST shoes here (2nd greatest behind the even greater ones I failed to buy in Vancouver). They are "Skechers" (not to be confused with Sketchers) and are this iridescent cheesy, yet so cool. I didn't buy them, but am thinking that my deep regret at not purchasing last times shoes may be enough to make me fork over the 10$.

Posted by Sierra at March 11, 2002 04:22 AM

i was super dancer /ask hedi/ gave her lessons when she visit enjoyed it so much that was it untill all the partners kissed me goodnite for dancing with them lol......r u getting my coments?????????????

Posted by: hhhhhhhhhhhhh on March 11, 2002 08:29 PM

What the???
I was doing a search for young pregnant fijiian girls and I got this crap???? How much is the subscription to this website? I would really like to see the pictures of the 2 Canadian girls taking on 20 young soccer studs!! Do you take MasterCard?
I would like to see more pictures. How long before I have to renew my membership?

Posted by: Captain America on March 12, 2002 10:29 PM

nothing beats the vancouver shoes. they had flames on them. hope you cave to peer pressure and buy these new great shoes!

Posted by: tom on March 13, 2002 01:56 PM

Hey Sierra!

Who the hell is leaving those comments??? (I guess I'm thinking of the first one, and the last one so far...). Right. This'll be read by all and sundry. Take care. -Stuart and miscellaneous members of the Borden-Winston lab.
(Have you punched any lewd old men in the face yet?)

Posted by: Stuart on March 13, 2002 06:51 PM

Too funny! I could have warned you about male harrassment, damn patriarchy! I love your top 5 ways to irritate women. Tell Stu that the first comment is our grandpa. And Stu, the "last one so far" changes. I guess it's my turn to be the last one for now.

Posted by: big sis on March 14, 2002 06:06 PM
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