March 21, 2002
Viva la revolution?

Okay this entry is written in all seriousness and probably I shouldn't use
the above title. There is serious talk about another coup happening in Fiji
in the next very short while as relations between the Indian and Fijian
factions of the government have seriously deteriorated. In any number of
days the courts will be deciding whether an Indian can regain his parliament
seats and if he can there is a good chance that many Fijians will be upset.
The last coup was a little more serious than I had known with gunshots being
fired on campus and a lot of serious violence in the area. Being white and
obviously not a native Fijian my position during a coup isn't that great.

So...I thought I'd let you all know what would be happening if you hear that
a coup has occured. First there isn't a Canadian Embassy so I will probably
be going to the U.K embassy in Suva or the American Embassy...if you are
trying to find out if I am alive/well, these are the places to check because
I'm going to go there immediately. Mom and Dad are headed to Cuba, so I
hope that the other members of the family will check to see if I'm okay
(Kirsten the onus is on you). I will try to phone home as well as get in
touch with Kailyn as soon as I can to confirm my well-being. This isn't to
cause panic to anyone, just think that it is probably better that I explain things now because I will have no internet access if a coup indeed occurs.

So...everyone keep your fingers crossed and hope for my safety, I'm a wee
bit concerned because of all the things I've been warned about. I get my
photos on Friday so I'll post them up for you guys to see!

Editors Note: Posted from an e-mail sent to me by Sierra. (paragraph breaks added). -RD

Posted by Sierra at March 21, 2002 11:29 AM

There are times when it is a good thing to be connected to the US of A. Now may be one of them. Your status as an American can be confirmed by quoting the following Passport number: Deleted. Not a good thing to leave on a public web page. -Ed

Sorry to spill the beans - yes, Sierra is an American.

May we all suspend US bashing for the moment.

Posted by: Your american mom on March 21, 2002 03:38 PM

id like to come to fiji let me know if u want me there right away lta

Posted by: hhhhhhhhhhh on March 21, 2002 08:22 PM
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