March 25, 2002
This Goes Out to all you Celine Fans...

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It seems like a long time since I last put up my own update, so I fear this may be long, wordy and all together quite will probably also be paragraph-less just to be spiteful.

Alright I guess it will include paragraphs...first bit of exciting news, I got myself a kitten. Actually it isn't really mine, more like a group effort cat with me being mostly in charge of it. It is amazingly adorable, super tiny and calico in color. It has lived in my room/in my hall for the last week and a half. I wanted to write you earlier about it, but I didn't get the chance. It's name is Kinikie (pronounced like Danny Zuko's friend in "Grease") and it loves me dearly. Unfortunately I haven't actually physically seen it for the last 3 days, so it probably got eaten by dogs or ran away. In fact I probably should have written that I "had" a kitten and I guess that entire paragraph was pretty well pointless and stupid (see what happens when you start making paragraphs).

Stayed in for my first Friday since I got here and read a book and slept a lot (wow I'm so incredibly exciting and adventurous). On Saturday morning a hopped a bus to Pacific Harbour and swam for the vast majority of the day. Played some good frisbee in the water, nothing like the Pigeon Lake Frisbee this summer (thankfully no bushes to fall into). After successfully charing my nose (which is subsequently peeling as we speak) hitched a ride back to Suva and went clubbing that night. Sadly I've begun to enjoy beer and since this beer is so disgusting, I'm sure I'll be thrilled to drink the stuff once I'm back in Canada. Club was lots more fun this week as I went with some locals, so the harassment was minimal at best.

Sunday we got a bus to go to a Forest Park called "Colo-I-Suva". We took about a 5 minute hike through real rain-forest to get to this great freshwater pool...complete with beautiful waterfall. It was great to actually get into cool water and be able to open your eyes while submerged. We swam a bit and then headed on another 15 minute walk to the "Lower Pools". This was the definite highlight. A huge rope swing hung from a tree and you could swing from a ledge around 2.5 meters above the water and drop in. The locals were unbelievable twisting and turning and flipping of the rope. I pretty well mastered the letting-go-of-the-rope-and-dropping time I'll try for the most difficult things. Actually the one thing that the locals do that we managed to mimic is they start one guy off on the rope and then pile as many more people on as possible. This involves standing on the ledge and strategically jumping onto everyone else. The locals can get 6-7 people on, we only had three girls, so that was our maximum. There were also some rocks just to dive off of and waterfalls to climb up on...all in all excellent Jungle Fun. We walked back through the Jungle, apparently at "Canadian Speed" which usually means moving faster than a dead turtle. The highlight of the trip came at the end while we were sitting at the curb waiting for a bus. A tiny lemon of a red-car pulled up beside us. Inside there were 4 of the ugliest old Indian men I have ever seen. All of them with their shirts undone and their big bellies sticking out. The guy on the passenger side is sitting with a 1-2 year-old on his lap and he leans out the window and pours us a taki (equivalent of around 2 shots) of beer and asks us if we want to drink with them. I'm thinking is 3 o'clock in the afternoon on a Sunday and three gross old men who are drunk and continuing to drink with their young child in the car want me to come and drink with them, what shall I tempting of an offer. Ultimately I politely (politely as in told them to Fuck off and leave us alone) asked them to go away. When the bus finally came we went around 150 m before seeing the same car at the side of the road with a bunch of garbage strewn on top of it and a garbage truck pulled over on the other side...the men from the car were yelling at the garbage truck driver who evidently dropped some refuse on them. AAAHHHHH that's Karma for you!

Sunday night I decdied to retreat to Erika's room for a little R&R. Erika had been recently complaining about the early morning Celine Dion played in her hall. A few minutes into my visit I realize that "Beauty and the Beast" is blasting from an unknown stereo. During the 2 hours I was chatting with Erika the Celine CD was playing on can never get too much Celine. At one point I decided that perhaps if I sand in my absolute worst voice (aka Lorey singing) to the song maybe...just maybe she'd turn it off. Unfortunately I think she took my singing as I sign that I was enjoying the music and just turned it louder. The really amazing thing is that "Beauty and the Beast" seemed to play every 4 or 5 songs. I'm not trying to Celine bash, I like "Beauty and the Beast" when I was 12 too, but really hearing it 10 times in one night just doesn't do it for me. The next morning I go to get Erika and not even 5 minutes after my arrival I can here..."Tale as old as time..." that's right my old Peabo Bryson/Celine Dion/Disney favorite. Again when we returned from lunch Celine was blasting her wonderful messages of the "Power of Love"...really quite touching! At this point Erika and I found it amazingly humerous and chose to dance around the hall lip synching to Celine and making all around fools of ourselves. Unfortunately at the end of this spectacle Erika erupted with "Dear Lord I think I've heard this song 30 times in the last 24 hours" at which point the ONLY other girl in the room said quietly "I was just about to change the CD". Needless to say now Erika is the Bitch of her hall and I get to laugh at her.

Phew that sure is a lot of drivel, but we are nearing the end...this week's MVP. I am happy to give the prize to my near and dear Edmonton friend Lorey: You can have all the Peaches and Mary-Lous and Ritas and Inezes in the world...she is my girl and my kind of girlsoul.

Posted by Sierra at March 25, 2002 02:33 AM

I'm not so sure I like the paragraphs, I kind of enjoyed the continual narration deal you had going on before!

Posted by: Bonanza Jellybean on March 25, 2002 02:46 AM

Okay that Celine Dion story is the funniest thing I"ve ever read.. I almost peed! good stuff! :)

Posted by: Lana on March 25, 2002 12:22 PM

You should have just taken the cd out of the player, held it up in front of her face and broke it in half. On a side note, what's your email address so I actually write you something good. Later


the ants told me they're coming back for you.

Posted by: StEpHeN on March 25, 2002 05:34 PM

I'm the MVP!! To quote myself " I won!"

I especially enjoyed the last line, way to show your respect for Jack Kerouac.

About the ant situation, you handled it much better than I would have, and please take care of your kitten, they die easily.

Posted by: Lorey on March 25, 2002 06:16 PM

Hey Sierra!

Maybe instead of a kitten, you should get an aadvark. They eat tons of ants every day

Posted by: big sis on March 25, 2002 10:00 PM

i really don't have much to say, but everyone else was writing stuff so i decided to follow their lead...

on a side note, you need to get extra-annoying music (shouldn't be too hard for you), and fight fire with fire.

Posted by: tom on March 26, 2002 06:19 PM

If you need revenge on the music scene I'd suggest Country and Western. As my friend Jay says - I like all kinds of music - both 'country and western'.
I think a little Hank Williams would do the trick, but did I really need a new paragraph to add that little bit of advice?

Posted by: DAD on April 11, 2002 08:37 PM
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