April 04, 2002
Random disease...going once...going twice...SOLD!

Apparently Fiji hates me because I have now apparently contracted tonsillitis. Why do I say apparently? Let me tell you a little story about my trip to the doctor's today. Every morning I wake up, shower and head to the Medical Clinic to get my wounds dressed (I'm not even kidding...so don't laugh). The past 2 mornings I've woken up with a killer sore throat that extended through out the day and made consuming the dining hall food even MORE difficult than usual. This morning I decided that I might as well see the Doctor because at least I might be able to get some throat losanges. So I go to her office...which I've been too ennumberable times and this is the conversation that ensues:
"What is wrong with you today"
"Well my throat really hurts I think it might be tonsillitis or something"
"Okay I'll give you antibiotics"
"Oh I don't know if it actually is tonisillits...it could be anything"
"Open your mouth...(without moving from her seat 2 feet away)...yep your tonsils look pink and round. Take some antibiotics. Goodbye"
Now I have been the proud owner of these tonsils for some time and to the best of my knowledge they have always been both pink and round. So I am conflicted...I have these antibiotics that I could take that may help with the burning pain that I get every time I swallow. If I do kill all the bacteria in my body I will have to start all over again in trying to become accustomed to the food and will probably not be able to eat for a good week. On the other hand I am going away for 6 days next week and if I don't take this medication my throat might get worse. In any case I find the medical system a bit odd, although this is not the first time this has happened. Last time I went to the doctor I told him (a different guy) that I "felt sick", he didn't examine me, but managed to perscribe 3 different drugs to help me out...hmmmmm sketchy. So all the nurses/doctors, future nurses/doctors and even all you people who know absolutely NOTHING about medecine let me know what you think.
So long...
Her Illness Sierra

Posted by Sierra at April 04, 2002 02:17 AM

Sierra... Sounds like you should send me drugs. Lots of them, and preferably interesting ones. Let me go get my hands on a copy of the PDR, and then I'll tell you what diseases you need to fake for the doctors in order to get the good stuff.

Posted by: dr.gonzo on April 4, 2002 05:17 PM

Just before we left for Cuba I got a bit of a cough and figured I needed some anti-biotics 'just in case'. Must admit here that I don't really know what anti-biotics are or what they do but they sound like they'll cure just about anything (must be that 'anti' word) Went to the medi-centre and after the regular 30 minute wait I got in and told him I had a cough. It's true that the doctor did stick his stethoscope on my back twice and then said I'll give you some anti-biotics. The whole visit was 2 minutes max. Sounds like the Fiji doctors take about the same amount of time but are more talented since they can do a diagnosis from a distance.
By the way Cuba was great! The two words of Spanish that I learned came in handy 'no gracious'. In Havana I used my two words about a hundred and eighty nine times. Want a cigar? Want a taxi? Want a dinner?

Posted by: DAD on April 9, 2002 01:00 PM
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