April 25, 2002
The Toad Prince

This Wednesday was another marvelous Animal Physiology Lab (please mark the sarcasm in that sentece). I admit that I was mildly excited when I found out we were dissecting a toad as I thought this would at last provide me with some entertainment. After the lecturer stopped his hour long preamble to the lab it was time to start cutting. I was accustomed to the animals being brought to the class already anesthesized and ready to go, however this was not the case. When I saw the toads hopping around in a little cage I just figured that we would put them to sleep then cut them up immediately so that we could still see the heart beating. Then I began reading my instructions...it seems as though we were using a type of anesthetic that I was previously unfamiliar with. Instead of the regular placing of chemicals in a contained box...which I might add works quite well...we were instructed to do the following. Take the frog in your hand, place fingers around it's legs and using a swinging motion bash it's head on the table. You may need to repeat the procedure until the brains begin emerging and you are certain that it is indeed dead. You cannot imagine the sound of 20 students thwaking toads against a table, sort of like a wet thumping with intermingled crunching as the skulls cracked. Possibly the most odd, disgusting experience of my life...being a total poor sport I refused to bash the frog myself and would only cut up a toad already dead. The lecturer told us he would have prefered using a cat or dog, frankly I'm thrilled he didn't because I wouldn't like to anesthesize something so large!


This is my new heart throb and future husband...Hrithik Roshan studly star of Bollywood movies. Last week the whole international group went to a Bollywood film. I was quite sure that my Hindi skills were lacking and this was confirmed as soon as the characters began talking. It seems as though I understand absolutely nothing in the Hindi language, thankfully this was not necessary to understanding the movie as a whole. No there were not any sub-titles, but the story line was the same as any other Bollywood film: boy meets girl, they fall in love, parents try to keep them apart, love conquers all. In order to fully appreciate the Bollywood experience you must realize the following rules that they all comply to:
1. All actors must attend the "Passions" acting workshop that teaches you how to make hilariously melodramatic faces.
2. Someone must cry every 15 minutes...massive heaving of the chest must accompany all sobbing.
3. There must be a song and dance routine every 10 minutes and they all should strongly resemble a "New Kids on the Block" video.
4. No character can be wearing the same costume for longer than 10 minutes...rules of continuity do not apply to clothing.
5. Dance sequences should randomly change locales including scenes in America and Australia...it is best if the changing of locations makes absolutely no sense.
6. It is perfectly reasonable as well as expected that characters will fall in love before they speak to one another...interaction is not necessary in forming "true love"
7. The male in the movie should be provided at least one scene in which he can be covered with oil and made to resemble John Rambo.
8. When copying the story of Romeo and Juliet (which should be the basis of ALL Bollywood films) characters MUST die, but come back to life minutes later to preserve a happy ending.
9. Characters are only allowed 2 emotions each...the main characters should know utter bliss and heartwrenching sadness...the villains should know rage and super-ballastic rage.
Bollywood movies are officially my new favorite films in the universe and I am going to every single one that comes out in the next 2 months while I'm here.

As a final, somewhat strange note...as of Monday I will be moving off campus. All letters can continue to go to USP as the mailbox is not contingent on living there. I'm going to be travelling around and staying with the coolest human that ever walked the Earth (Is that a Dirt Devil I hear???)


Posted by Sierra at April 25, 2002 04:56 AM

What do you mean? How can you be staying with me if I'm in Whitehorse and you're in Fiji? Or do you mean you're staying with the second-most coolest human on the face of the earth?

Is this your new Fijiian fiance? Are you pregnant yet?

Posted by: drgonzo on April 25, 2002 01:39 PM

I must agree, I think you are confused about the "coolest perso on earth" thing. But I highly doubt that you consider the aformentioned commentee as the coolest person on the planet either, especially with MUCH cooler friends elsewhere...ahem ahem. And I KNOW you can't be pregnant if you put the supplies to use that I sent in your last package.....hey does your mom read this website???? he he he (kidding!) later babe

Posted by: Princess TikiTiki on April 25, 2002 03:09 PM

Hey Sierra,
Why didn't you keep the toad as a pet, and add to your Noah's Ark? Poor toads . . . .

Posted by: big sis on April 25, 2002 05:14 PM

To: Sierra
From: Mom and YOUR FATHER
re: Final paragraph

Phone home

Posted by: Mom AND YOUR FATHER on April 25, 2002 05:55 PM

u pl goalie better than canucks even if it was xoccer

Posted by: hhhhhh on April 25, 2002 07:17 PM
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