April 29, 2002
The Ants Beat Me!

I finally got the pictures up, so here they are:
Pacific Harbour which is the beach that I frequent on most week-ends.
This is the bedroom window of my room...or I guess my former room.
This is my residence from the outside. I am the 3rd window in...across the gorge is the boys' residence.
This is the town of Levuka, it used to be the capital of Fiji and has the oldest Colonial buildings.
This is in Caqelai, we stayed in the bure on the right. No electricity, no running water...it was PARADISE!
An excellent example of how I spend the vast majority of my time.
The reason that I will be taking a car to Nadi on my way back. That is the plane we caught to Levuka and...yes...that is the airport in Levuka.

I am out of USP Residence and free of the Dining Hall! That is right...me and my 2 bags of belongings are currently stuffed into Erika's room. The move was the easiest I've ever done and it was a relief to have my first non-Dining Hall weekday since my arrival. How did I celebrate??? With 2 packs of Minute Noodles and a Coke...so it isn't exactly extravagant, but at least it didn't make me vomit! The ants may have won Round I, but I will seek my vengeance and they will someday feel the wrath of Sierra. I realize that I never fully explained why I left residence. It really isn't that complicated...I have 54 days remaining in Fiji and I plan on traveling for 30 or more of them. I pay 15$/day to eat at the Dining Hall and I do not feel like spending 450$ on food that I will not be eating. It is cheaper for me to move out now, get my refund and live in a Hostel than it is for me to continue paying for a room and board that I'm not using.

I have officially been banned by Erika from picking cabs based on my poor choices this week-end. Cab number one was with a man who told us all about how he had hit a young child crossing the street and didn't have a liscence anymore. He continued his delightful story with how it always hurt his head to drive after smoking marijuana. It is funny how much information you just don't really want to know about your cab driver. The second guy was much worse as he was possibly the most stoned/drunk human I have ever encountered. We didn't really realize how bad it was until we were almost at school and he kept repeatedly telling us how he wanted to drive us to free to Nadi (4 hours away) and then kept giving me his phone number, which seemed to change with each repetition. Probably the closest I've been to just getting out of a cab and walking.

I went out to the Bar last night because I had 11 assignments to do before Wednesday and decided that it was more effective for me to be at the bar than working. Some guy was trying to pick me up by getting me to play pool with him. The only reason I say that he was trying to use pool as some weird means of flirting is that he asked me if I was married first, then he asked me to play a game. Anyways the point of this story is that I actually managed to beat him with the aid of two really nifty final shots and proceeded to beat one other guy before losing on the last ball. This is only amazing because of how horrible of a pool player I am...Matt who once tried to teach me will testify to this. It was a lot of fun to play and not be the most horrible player in the bar...it was also nice to have all the cues remain intact during the entire duration of pool playing. I just re-read that paragraph and realized it is entirely based on my need to brag...oh well I delight in my ego...GOOD FOR ME!

This week-end was also the sad farewell party for our dear Cassim, which I sadly have not mentioned on this page yet. If anyone ever feels they have something bad to say about Americans they should meet Cassim who single handedly redeems his nation (with a little help from my mom). We headed over to his place on Saturday night for the Farewell party and celebrated with a few friends and a whole lot of strangers. The evening was almost completely destroyed by the fact that somebody stole my sandles that I think I love more than any other material possesion that I have hear, but since they were returned the next day all is well in the world. The evening did not end for me until 3:30 or 4, although some people were much better able to hold back sleep and party to the early morning. In the spirit of this final paragraph I give Cassim the MVP of the week for being the only male that I know that can quote the opening line of "Pride and Prejudice"...no he seriously can and it astounds me more than you could know.

Posted by Sierra at April 29, 2002 03:03 AM

Help Webmaster.

I click on the word but no picture appears. What's the next step?

Cro-magnon (wo)man

Posted by: Cro-magnon parents on April 29, 2002 08:05 PM

Anyone who is having troubles viewing the photos may want to try this URL:


You'll have to scroll down the list and find the various photos by name, but it works better than the stupid pop-up system that comes with this software.

Posted by: dr.gonzo on May 3, 2002 04:13 PM

I just want to compliment the postmaster (Dr. Gonzo) and his superior abilities in assisting Miss Sierra in her obvious time of Web design and distress.
Mr Gonzo, thank you for your time and your talents...they are very much appreciated. I can now navigate my way around this beauty of a website.
P.S. I didn't know they even had power in whitehorse, let alone the internet.

Posted by: D. Sanchez on May 3, 2002 07:27 PM

Ditto previous com(pli)ments.

Thank - you very much, Dr. Gonzo. We would like to buy you a drink when we pass through Whitehorse in July. Perhaps you could suggest the place?

Posted by: Mr. and Mrs. van der Meer on May 5, 2002 11:50 AM
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