May 13, 2002
Betty Crocker's Back!!!

I have access to a kitchen once again...let the chorus of angels sing!
That's right I am in my temporary residence and enjoying it quite
tremendously. The fact that I no longer have to eat dining hall food, or
minute noodles is more wonderous than you can imagine. There are still
some slight problems, in that I have no clue how to cook with Fijian food
and any "North American Imports" are unbelievably expensive. This week I
paid 1$ for a single tomato and 4.50$ for a head of lettuce, I have to say
that they were totally worth their exorbinant prices and I enjoyed them
more than I have ever enjoyed them before. Other highlights of the
house...a bathtub, which is something I've lived without for almost an
entire year and the neighbors have a pool. I have not yet figured out how
I am going to manage to go swimming, but I feel that it could possibly
involve late night raids with the help of some liquid courage. I guess I
could always try the introducing myself and casually implying how great it
would be to swim and hoping for an invite, but that seems rather dificult.

I returned back to school this week and I am very very thrilled that I
only have 13 days left of it. I've reached that inevitable point in the
year where school just seems like such a burden and I would like nothing
more than to sleep the days away instead of attending classes. ONe of the
new focuses of my life is going to the movies. The entire group of us
"Ex-Pats" went to go see Spiderman on Thursday. I thought I shed a tear
in those incredibly touching scenes between M.J and Peter...then I
realized it was just a drop of blood from poking my eye out with a straw.
Holy CRAP, that was the worst piece of cinematic junk that I have EVER
seen in my entire life. I laugh at all you who paid 10$ or more to see
that melodramatic vulture vomit, at least I only had to pay 4$. On a
better note I got to see my man Hrithik again, this Bollywood was even
better than the last and although I did not understand a single word I
truly almost cried it was so sad. A pretty significant portion of the
film was shot in Vancouver and I even got to see the Flying Wedge Pizza
Place in VIA (the first stop when I return). There was also shots of the
entire Portside road and down Water Street through all of Gastown. The
Star Wars plan is being implemented as I write. It opens up here on the
16th, and I figure we will probably be among the first in the World to be
paying customers due to the fact that Fiji is the first country to see the
sunrise every day (some dispute it is Tonga, but Tonga doesn't have a
theatre anyways). I'm thrilled beyond belief because I have seen the
lovey-dovey previews and they bring back fond memories on Leia and Han.
Jason, Erika and I are trying to devise a way to dress up for the movie,
although right now our ideas are limited to making light sabers for
ourselves. We figure running through the aisles have saber fights may
just be enough to make us look like the three Crazy Canucks and possibly
win us a place in the Fiji Times (they are pretty desperate for news).

I now must depart for the chemist (pharmacist) to pick up this week's dose
of drugs. In fact I have set a new record with 4 perscriptions to deal
with my double ear infection, tonsilitis, odd skin disease and infected
cuts. Please take a moment to laugh about this because it really is quite
ridiculous and I cannot help but giggle at how silly it all is.

I tried to send everyone a message about my new phone number, but it did not succesfully reach you all. I do have a phone Country Code 679 with the number as 331-3129, you need to check the operator to figure out exactly how to call. Anyways, if anyone wants to give me a shout I know you can get cheap phone cards there, where as Fiji Telephone is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive!


Posted by Sierra at May 13, 2002 08:00 PM

Hey baby!
So great to talk to you last night, I'll rush out and buy a card from the guy in the AQ who sells cheap talk time... I had better get my ass in gear and write you a letter too, since time is apparently (and excitingly) running short. I'm thrilled to hear about your new *roommate* ...

Love ya, and heal up soon,


Posted by: Erik on May 14, 2002 08:54 AM

So SPIDERMAN is cinematic junk and Star WARs 5 is a work of genius? Explain to me the difference between these two comic book movies made by and for little boys.

Posted by: Mom on May 14, 2002 08:35 PM

Ahhhh Flying Wedge Pizza at YVR. I have fond memories of eating there with you, albeit hungover, the day I saw you off to Figi. Good times, good times. good ol flying wedge. won't be long and we'll be grabbing a slice there again! Can't wait to see ya babe!
Princess Tiki Tiki

Posted by: Princess Tiki Tiki on May 15, 2002 11:19 AM
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