May 28, 2002

I have not received an e-mail from anyone for the past 6 days. This has led me to the conclusion that:
a)Timothy Findley's words have come true and "we parted, you to forget, me to be forgotten"
b) The e-mail isn't working at school

I'm hoping that it is the latter, but willing to accept the possibility that the unthinkable has happened and you no longer recall me. (Sierra...isn't she that really loud girl who used to wear pink all the wait it was some other color wasn't it...)

It is now one o'clock in the morning and I have been at school since 8 am. This means that I've spent the last seventeen hours at school writing up essays that I couldn't care less about. What have these two traumatic things led deciding that I am getting the heck out of Suva. Tomorrow I am going to the airport and going wherever I can go for 100$. Yes, I am actually getting back onto one of those teeny tiny oh so sketchy planes and heading over the vast ocean. It feels a bit ominous this time, so if I don't make it please distribute my belongings as you see fit. If my body is recovered I would like it to be donated to that man who plastisizes corpses and presents them in the form of horribly shocking art shows.

On Friday I went out for dinner at a Canadian couples' home. Alex, the man, has been described by the local papers as the "Canadian Celebrity Chef" and the description is fitting. At his home we feasted on red, yellow and green capsicums in a beautiful pasta sauce. For me having three different kinds of pepper was comparable to having Brendan Shanahan, Don McKellar, and Mr. Darcy all in the same room together. To add to the excitement I ate real salad, the kind with crunch lettuce... I'm finding it difficult to describe these wonders because it is causing Pavlovian salivating that is unattractive at best. The lettuce was actually presented in a gorgeous bowl with such wonders as carrot, red capsicum, onion, coriander it comes...Feta cheese! Was this the highlight of me wait there is more...on a teeny tiny piece of baguette sat a creamy, delightful piece of Brie cheese. Now I am going to take this moment to make a huge confession to all of you. Jason had Brie cheese brought all the way from Canada in his room. One day after drinking slightly more alchohol than might be advisable we ate the entire thing of Brie in a matter of sheer minutes. Because of this unfortunate, and I fully admit STUPID moment, this was possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened in my life. In my time in Vancouver I abstained from the delights of Brie far too often. Following our amazing dinner, we played a game of Risk. Erika and I used the strategy taught to me by Tom and Ben, basically we ganged up on the men and then took over the world for the Uterus. GO TEAM UTERUS!!!

On Saturday I spent the day lounging at the Holiday Inn taking in the rays of sun. Forty SFU students arrived this past week at USP and they happened to be there. Jason and I secretly laughed at them because they are so incredibly was cruel, but I don't actually care. Their arrival was quite humerous because everyone on campus asked me if I knew who the arrivals were. I only discovered they were from USP 3 days after they arrived, so when people just asked me if I knew some random White people I laughed at them. Contrary to possible belief, I don't know all White people who come to Fiji.

Saturday night was also the Rugby Super 12 finals. In the 4 months I've been here that is the one thing I have really failed to do...learn Rugby. We went to Jenny and Malcolm's house and everytime a point was scored the entire street erupted in cheers. It was a cruel reminder that playoff hockey is going on right now and I am missing the whole thing.

Monday was Prophet Muhammed's birthday, and therefor a public holiday. This ended up being more annoying than anything else, because everything in the entire City was closed. This means no library to research assignements, no computers to check e-mail, no stores to buy food and overall nothing to do.

So that is all...perhaps I'll e-mail you all from some remote Pacific Island. It is more probable that the next time you hear from me I will be standing, my blond hair peaking out from behind a worn elastic, my faded orange clothes remarkably wrinkly, my arms loaded with half opened bags... books and papers poking out, basking in the halo of chaotic splendor that I know you have all missed!

Posted by Sierra at May 28, 2002 03:19 AM

Less than one month to go!
Hold in there!
How are the bacteria doing? got them beat yet?


Posted by: erik on May 28, 2002 08:48 AM

was out the other night and they were playing 'tricky' in the club, and it made me think of you and endless wildly fun townhosue parties, babe! keep having a blast, and postacrd en route form ireland for you! thanks for the letter-you rock! when do you fly back to van?
talk soon.

Posted by: Christina on May 28, 2002 02:57 PM

I thought some Edmonton comments should be placed. First off Shanahan needs to get things moving along here, the pool is suffering. Everyone is looking forward to your homecoming (well myself but I added everyone 'cause i'm §uch a nice guy) Hope you're ready for a lot of organizing because that's what you'll be doing when you get back. Later

Are you sure I'm the one that spilled the white ru§§ian on your carpet? or was it oj and vodka?

Posted by: Fre§h-Fi§h on May 28, 2002 03:38 PM

Sierra I haven't e-mailed you lately becuase I sent you two volumes of letters I've written since I got to China. They should arrive today or tomorrow. Kiss, kiss.
John the not-so-rusty-chainsaw

Posted by: John on May 29, 2002 06:34 AM

yo, does this mean no more emails from you? How the hell am I going to talk to you? WTF? I just sent you the LONGEST email updating you on my now wildly exciting lovelife with a really need to get back to me! Hopefully talk to you soon, pending you don't crash into the ocean! Miss you,
Princess TT

Posted by: TikiTiki on May 29, 2002 10:33 AM

Sierra, I only have five words for you...MR. DARCY ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!!!!

Posted by: Heidi on May 30, 2002 02:50 PM

Sierrrrra, it's been two weeks since your last update! Aren't blogs supposed to me bi-daily or so? Did you get my letter yet?
In anticipation,

Posted by: John on June 10, 2002 05:48 AM
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